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Daniels History

Heirloom Storage and The House of Daniels Inc.

Heirloom Storage is an exciting new concept for self storage in Marin County California. Heirloom Storage has been created by the Daniels family with a long reputation and history of doing business since 1933 in Marin County. The Daniels may be new to storage, but not to the needs of the community.

The House of Daniels

The House of Daniels Inc. was originally founded as Golden Gate Distributing Company in 1933 by Charles I Daniels Sr. The Golden Gate Distributing Company, was formed as a beer distributorship in Marin County just after the repeal of prohibition. In these early days before the Golden Gate Bridge the company grew rapidly. One year later distilled spirits became legal and Golden Gate Distributing Company added liquor and wine to their portfolio of products.

Operating out of a warehouse in the San Anselmo rail yards, we then moved to 1942 Fourth Street in San Rafael for many years before moving to Black Point Novato the permanent location since 1969. We distributed beverages until 2005 in our owned and operated warehouse which has now been newly renovated and is the proud home of Heirloom Storage.

The House of Daniels has always been solely owned by the Daniels family whom are a four generation Marin County family. Charles I Daniels Jr. and his son Peter had previously run the beverage companies with a complete hands on approach and a commitment to service. As the Daniels saw more and more of their supplier consolidating or being bought and controlled by European firms, they agreed it was time to get out of a business they had enjoyed for over 73 years. The final beverage interest was sold in June of 2005.

A New Era! — Heirloom Storage is created

Since The House of Daniels owned the property at Blackpoint in Novato, California and was committed to stay in Marin County and serve its wonderful community. Charles (Chuck) and his son Peter went in search for their next adventure.

Heirloom Storage was born in May, 2008, 100% family owned with a commitment to quality and service. Peter Daniels is personally involved with the management at the storage facility on a daily basis. Charles Daniels passed away December 2010. Peter invites you to see the new state of the art storage facility and experience the difference Heirloom Storage makes in the care of your storage needs. It is his goal to provide the most secure and up to date facility for Heirloom clients and it is the hope you will spend your hard earned money locally where you can be sure it will be invested back into the community.

Some interesting facts, companies owned and operated by the House of Daniels Inc. and the Daniels Family:

  • Golden Gate Distributing Company a beer, water and new age distributorship covering Marin, Sonoma Napa and Lake County had the distinction of being California’s oldest Coors Beer distributorship dating back to 1936.

  • Redwood Vintners, a fine wine distributorship, selling high end distilled spirits and boutique wines throughout California was the first distributor for many brands of fine wines and spirits that have since become house hold names.

  • Trellis Vineyards a 100% Sonoma County wine brand. At Trellis Vineyards we produced Chardonnay from Russian River Valley, Merlot and Cabernet from Alexander Valley and Sauvignon Blanc from Dry Creek Valley. Trellis Vineyards won many Gold Medals for its wines which were featured in fine stores and restaurants in the fifteen western states.

  • Blackpoint Marketing, selling nine brands owned by the House of Daniels, includes Peter Jakes Private Keep Bourbon, a 10 year old Kentucky bourbon and Trellis Vineyards.

Heirloom Storage
12 Harbor Drive Blackpoint,

Novato, CA 94945
Phone: 415-897-2802
Fax: 415-897-2833