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Pest Control Is A Priority At Heirloom Storage

Heirloom Storage takes their pest control responsibilities very seriously. Owner of Heirloom Storage, Peter Daniels states "that one of the most important topics that potential customers usually don't think about is what are the owners pest control polices". Peter adds any customer whom has experienced a pest problem at another facility will tell you how important pest control is.

It is important to have an ongoing "pest control management program" which prevents a problem, before it starts. It all starts with having a very clean facility.

Heirloom Storage Is Pest FREE

These are a few of the many checks that we have in preventing pest problems.
1.Heirloom Storage customers enter from only one large roll up door. This provides Heirloom Storage to have a defensible space to keep out pests. The more entry points you have, the more potential you have for unwanted guests.
2.At Heirloom Storage there is a large paved area outside the roll up door this deters pests from being interested in entering the facility. No garbage is allowed near the entrance or throughout our facility. Again, keeping everything clean helps deter pests.
3.We contract with "Atco Pest Control" annual pest maintenance.

Atco Pest Control maintains traps surrounding the outside of our facility. This allows us to monitor any pests that may be interested in trying to visit Heirloom Storage. Atco judiciously treats the exterior of the facility to prevent insects and rodents from entering the storage facility. It is very important to have a professional pest control company to control pests. Atco Pest Control is informed on the different seasons and climates therefore they are on the lookout for different types of pests. Some bugs like the warm weather others thrive when it's cooler.

Atco Pest Control is armed with information as to certain pests natural predators. Having all this important information helps to create a professional "pest preventative management program" allowing Heirloom Storage a safe and pest free environment.

Customers should be aware that Atco pest control does spray for pests around our buildings and up and down the hallways of the storage areas. Atco Pest Control does not spray into any storage units.

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